Mutual SprinklersFire protection is complex.

Managing it doesn’t have to be.

One of the industry’s premier providers of fire and life safety, Mutual Sprinklers offers one-stop solutions integration for all your fire protection and inspection needs - today and tomorrow. While we can put a variety of best-in-class systems and services to work for companies large and small, we design and install them all to do one thing - protect your people, property and assets.

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Microbiologic Corrosion (MIC) October 18, 2013

There are several types of corrosion that can form in sprinkler pipe. When a pipe is leaking you cannot automatically assume the cause is Microbiologic corrosion (commonly referred to as “MIC”). The following is a list of common corrosions: Galvanic Corrosion MIC Corrosion Localized Corrosion Erosion Corrosion Environmental Corrosion Crevice Corrosion I will be focusing on the...


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Tim Walsh
Division Manager
Phone: 214-349-2221
Loc: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

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Fred Ely
Division Manager
Phone: 210-829-7213
Loc: San Antonio, TX

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Cason Shrode
Division Manager
Phone: 903-939-2066
Loc: Tyler, TX

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